This is to all the asshole bicyclists who insist on riding on walking trails in our parks and natural areas. Y'all are some of the most entitled folks I've ever met. Almost every time I go for a peaceful walk on walking trails, I come across one of you.

There are signs that explicitly say "no bikes allowed on trails." Do you really think they're there for no reason? Newsflash: biking is bad for natural areas. The speed and weight of bikes do so much more damage than footsteps. Bikes accelerate erosion, leave v-shaped ruts in the trail, kill small plants and wildlife on and alongside trails, drive wildlife out of the area, and set an example that it's okay to disrespect the environment.

In addition, bikes are dangerous to pedestrians, especially folks who are walking with headphones in and can't hear your stupid little shout of "on your left!" or "incoming!" You actively choosing to bicycle in these spaces is a selfish decision.

There are trails that are designed and meant for bicycles. Please stick to those. If you want to enjoy the pedestrian-only areas, here's an idea: take a fucking walk!

Sick of your bicycling bullshit