It’s amazing how you and your bestie (thank god she moved!) managed to implode an entire neighborhood.

I ignored your constant jabs about my black yoga pants (I own a lot of them btw), the digs at how I spend my money (your husband controls your finances), the surprise at how good I was with a baby and on-and-on. I can only imagine how hard it was for your children growing up with a mother like you. You lack the self awareness to realize you are constantly projecting your own insecurities and that anyone listening to you would question what kind of mother you were to your own kids.

You love to invite the newest neighbor over for drinks on your patio just so you can fill them on the gossip about this neighbor and the next. At the same time calling these people you talk poorly about “your friends”.

You even cheered on your bestie while she not only harassed and damaged property of not only myself but two other neighbors. Yet, you still have the nerve to wave and smile like you’ve done nothing wrong. You need therapy. Everyone in here has had the last 2 years to really start to figure out what was going on and you look like a fool. The shit you’ve said about “your friends” has started to get back to them. Oops!

Bless Your Stupid Little Heart.