Listen, MTG is awful at her job. She's just bad at it in so many different ways. That's enough, we don't need to move beyond that.

Has she made decisions in her personal life that I may have mad differently? Absolutely, but that has nothing to do with her job responsibilities.

I don't care whether or not she smokes pot, I have friends who do and don't. I don't care whether or not she's gay, I have friends who are and aren't. I don't care whether or not she's had affairs or multiple marriages, I have friends who have and have not. I don't care if she makes cool crafts on the weekends, I have friends who can and can't. I don't care if she vacations in Hawaii or eats po'boy sandwiches, I have friends who would like to do both as well.

I'm not going to risk hurting the people I love just to level a childish attack against a Georgia Congresswoman.

Don't fall into the purity distraction game. There are things we can accept. There are things we cannot accept.

I care whether or not she is good at her job. She's not. She's a hateful bigoted person representing the Congress of the United States. That's what matters.

Call out the bigotry. Call out hatefulness. Call out the financial disclosures. Call out her voting record. Call out her political decisions. Call out her dangerous statements.

Call out how she can improve and get better at her job.

Call out how she can take responsibility, reverse course, make good, and redeem herself.

Let's show them how we are different.