It's different for everyone.

Some of us are jolted awake with our heart about to burst through our chest and others are perpetually groggy always and ever so ready to slip back into the temptation of a just a few more minutes as we scramble to silence and ignore the alarm bell set off all around us.

You should expect to wipe your eyes.

The next challenge is to recognize you can't stay in bed forever. You're going to have to get up and do something, contribute some change to the environment, even if it's just a simple maintenance of ideas and equipment long past their prime.

You should expect to feel shame. So much happened while you were resting, things that could have been different if you were awake at that point. There is no one answer on how to manage that realization, but I've found having the courage to acknowledge that reality as healthy and helpful to the process.

You're always going to want more time, and you never will have it. But you can learn and improve in how you manage it.

Good morning, what will you do with the world today?