Parked at the 122nd and Halsey Goodwill, my car needed a jumpstart. The hood of my decent 2009 VW Passat wagon was up with cables dangling out, as you could plainly see; I'm (obviously) not a con artist. Excuses ranged from "I don't have cables", "I'm waiting for a friend", "Been having trouble with my car", "This is a rental car", to "I'm in a hurry". Seven polite requests later (yes, dismayed, I counted), I finally get some help...from a native Portlander. It literally takes one minute to re-park and jumpstart a car that has been prepared for jumpstart. WTF are you "Portlanders" from? This kind of Big City (California? Seattle?) heartless and fearful behavior bodes ill for when the shit REALLY hits the fan (which it will, eventually). I'm from WI and lived in Portland during the 90s. Vera Katz was a kick-ass mayor. It was friendly and cool then. Wisconsinites typically love to help each other; we mow our neighbor's lawns and shovel out their driveways! For free! Anonymously! In case you (especially the self-righteous "rebel" "Liberals") were wondering, no, I never vote Fascist/Republican; I'm a "mean" Progressive. So I must say now: you "Portlanders" really suck! FUCK. YOU. TOO. If you need a jumpstart out in the Gorge (where I live now), I will still help you. Because my faith in the human race will probably come back eventually. For now, I'm dismayed. So...FUCK. OFF! ONE. MORE. TIME!