Turns out it's in your giant oversized purse. I couldn't find it for the longest time. Seems to be getting smaller and smaller, and hidden in more and more creative places. I couldn't even get it open this time if it wasn't for the Sentry who happened to be standing by and willing to help. (Disguised in human form of course) Why he knew this knowledge I have no idea, but I was set on making another trip so I accepted his help. I was able to squeeze in just as before and arrive promptly in the familiar building. Really just a dark one room home. No lights or furniture, just a musty smell. Still, a pretty safe spot considering the terrain. The entire trip's a little long to try and recount, but hopefully I can fill you in later, so for now let's just say that I made it back safely and in one piece. (Thank God). Laying in bed I wasn't so sure I had actually even made it back until I heard the birds chirping (One thing you'll never hear in Hell are the majestic sounds of birds). I love them so much. No other sound in the world makes me feel so safe.