The organization itself isn't religious, they hardly ever even mention God or other spiritual ideas but given their relative amount power in a certain community, I'm afraid leaving them or breaking off contact could harm me at least financially if not also socially and maybe even physically.

The leadership isn't exactly set in stone, but it's a group of unelected people who appointed themselves in charge of an issue that's seen little real progress. They have a pattern of scapegoating and bullying people especially anyone who questions the leadership. At least one person who tried to find out more about them received death threats and was the subject of their rumor mongering.

While they claim to celebrate critical thinking, it's clear that's only when directed externally, they set themselves above any questioning or criticism, especially on matters on how donations and other monies are collected and distributed.

The leaders have a history of publicly condoning violence (if not outright calling for) violence and other harms against those in the community who oppose them, or they see as obstacles.

The thing is they don't see to have any consistent ideology or actual values. They "preach" all day on the internet and other places about how others should act but also at the same time open brag about behaviors that are out of alignment with what they ask of others. This space is limited but I'll try to add some examples in the comments.

Am I in a non-religious cult? Any advice for a Portlander trying to untangle themselves from this mess?

I feel like I'm into deep and these people are too enmeshed in certain circles for anything to done to protect myself and others trying to escape these abusive and dangerous people.