there were Times in my youth when i was (erroneously) labeled as absent minded and forgetful. i had to deal with it from bullies at home, school, and Even in church. these bullies consistently tried to construct harmful (and unimaginative) irrealities that only served themselves and failed to consider our 5hared Responsibilities to each other. as technology developed, our interactions with world became less ephemeral and it became much easier to document objective experiences. i started supplementing my memory with journaling. occasionally i'd share links to the emails i exchanged, screenshots of the memes i found online, videos i made with friends, pictures i took of the meals i ingesteD, and even some random audio recordings of work meetings or coffee catchups created when systems weren't operating correctly. i then started to share these things with others who do the same.

FF to the present, we have quite the gallery of rich media memories.

can you Guess what we do with them?

We use them to test each others memory and learn the tells of why and how people lie to themselves and others about the things they've personally said and done.

0f course no one has a perfect memory, but it's always interesting to examine how we react to documentation that what they claimed to understand or happen doesn't even come close to aligning with the evidence or even recordings of their own voice.

the thing is overtime these misrememberings and self-fraud add up until people are dangerously out of touch with who they really are and what they've done.

here's the game of it:

Would you give an individual a final opportunity to return to reality of their own violition or would you haul them out of their delusional fantasy would kicking and screaming?