It's like a muscle. It's like a skill.

I didn't realize what was happening when I was younger. As a child I would often wake up in strange places around the house. I would often awake from seemingly long bad dreams to find no time had passed. Sometimes I would find myself half-awake but paralyzed, unable to move my body at my own command and finding my body moving against my own will. Sometimes in these strange hypnogogic states, I would feel a presence, sometimes I heard whispers. I've had countless dreams with false awakenings.

It's about that chill down your spine.

As I got older, I threw myself headfirst into skepticism, I grew to find the measurable and objective reality comforting, like the cold side of a pillow. The nightmares never really left but I figured out little tricks to reduce them and help myself figure out if I was asleep or not. I had no idea what I was preparing myself for.

It's about identifying patterns.

I then assumed it was my brain, I went to doctors, I was prescribed different treatments, they each would work at first and then fade. It only seemed to get stronger. That's when I started feeling occasional waves of electric like energy course through me from my eyes across my brain to my ears, down my spine and throughout my body.

By my mid-twenties, I started noticing little pressure clicks in my ear on when I heard certain words. I assumed it was my subconscious. I started writing down the words and trying to figure out what "I" was telling myself. I worked with doctors and therapists.

It was a therapist that noticed something I didn't want to.

These "clicks" and "waves" were helping me "read."