Okay, so I thought we resolved this awhile back but a refresher is always helpful.

Here it goes: just because ideas or people is popular that doesn’t mean they are healthy or good for you or others.

There are plenty of examples of where we’ve repeatedly failed to learned this lesson over the years, but it’s still relevant for some reason.

My go-to example is pretty obvious, it’s called racism it’s had some popularity over the years, it even got so popular that it ideals were codified into law in some places. This didn’t begin to change until individuals started to make personal choices to challenge this popular idea and speak out against it.

Another thing to keep in mind is the idea of bias. You me of the difficulties that empowered cowardice in the face of racism was the idea that “good people” participated in it so it couldn’t be a bad thing. There were/are plenty of racists who were viewed as leaders of communities and sometimes even labeled fighters for justice. This of course was wrong but by simply accepting labels without examination racism was empowered to flourish unchecked by “good people.”

These are complicated things to understand. I’m really tired and don’t get why we are still working on basic daycare lessons together as a society.