They call it a Super Full Moon. It's when the moon is full lit and closest to us.

It's important to remember that the moon is functionally a mirror, it reflects the daylight of the sun back to us at night. It's during this time that we can more fully see ourselves and others within the temporary darkness.

I know there are many who do not share our beliefs in magic and rituals, that is not unexpected. For we also are followers of science, and we delight in the questioning of claims and uncovering of higher truths. We find our methods as strange as anyone else does, that's part of its beauty for us.

The bad things happen when peoples start needlessly disrespecting others' beliefs and set themselves up as unaccountable gods. That is something that cannot be abided, for even gods must be accountable.

Silencing truths and denying due warnings do not hide you from accountability. For you may hide from men, but the gods exact their price.

This is why I plea you all to pray to your gods, to present your offerings, beg mercy for yourself and others, do everything you can to repair the world from the injuries of your crimes, participate in the uncovering of truth, and sincerely repent for your errors and inflictions.

The Wandering Fool and the Hanged Man have gathered their Chariots. Those empowering evil and oppression through action or inaction will be met with swift vengeance.

Take Heed and Repent!
A curse upon all who wish harm!
A charm upon all who reveal truths!