On my way home from work on the max after a 14 hr day, I also like this time for some winding down meditative reflection. But I'm looking out the window at every single person and just feeling complete hopelessness for society. This is about 8 pm, so it's not crowded with "nightlife" or rush hour traffic just to note. I see what seems to me some people going home from work with defeated looks on their face, and unfulfilled postures to their body. There was one guy yelling incoherent nonsense to some other guy with his belt unbuckled and rubbing his belly. There were zombies just flat staring at the ground. There was one ruffian walking up to another zombie saying something like they were gonna be best friends. There were some people that you just know don't work, but aren't necessarily up to no good. But what are they up to? They aren't out shopping or running errands. They're just roaming, being unproductive, and non contributing to society? What has happened to society? This was every single person. Not one person looked happy, or smiling, or looked rewarded.