Early morning on my way walking to work, about 630 am, I like my solitude. It has nothing to do with not being a morning person. I like that first light, start of the day introspection. I take a route where I normally don't see other people. Sometimes I guess I just got to. So I'm walking towards someone I see coming towards me. Sorry, it's true, I veer way off to the side, and completely looking the other way, not paying attention to this person. But beneath the music in my ears, I hear a faint, " you okay?" I see the shadow of this person walking back towards me out of the corner of my eye. I wasn't scared. I didn't think it was a dangerous situation. But I did think, this is exactly why I cannot and will not have any encounters with bystanders or strangers. Nothing positive, inspiring, or enlightening comes from it. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. They didn't care if I was okay or not. It's like constant forms of harassment.
Also, what's with people yapping on their phone so loudly, you can hear them through headphones. Do they not get it? One dude, at 630 am on tge max, I mean WTF! Yea, yea, it's public. Public transit. But that doesn't mean there can't be courtesy in public places. For flying fucks sakes.