I will not do it. Especially in lines. I won't do it for food. Especially for food. I just won't do it. Okay, maybe at a grocery store, or show, sometimes for drinks at the show or bar, you just have to. Ill do it because I want to. Time is precious. Time is money. How do people have time to watch and let it all slip away? Or I have a hard time waiting one minute to clock back in from break at lunch. Or waiting for an answer from a coworker. You know, the longer i wait, the more this company loses money. So at bus stops, its so uncomfortable at times. And sometimes I could be the first one there 5 min early, then people start showing up. Where the fuck did they come from? What if the bus was early? To have to witness someone walk back and forth waiting. To have to see them walk to the edge of the curb and poke their head out every 5 seconds. For shitcreekssake, it will get here when it gets here. If you wanna know its coming or cancelled, do your research. Then some people walk right up and start smoking. Half the time, I'm sure its just for attention and reaction I'm sure. If you smoke you know. If you know, you'd be courteous. All the forms of harassment ive experienced while just waiting a few minutes. Minor forms, but nonetheless what I dont need to go through. All the forms of entitlement too with I'm getting on this bus first because I deserve it. I get so uncomfortable. Why are people such nuisances?