Part Two.
Another one is cash registers. So so awkward. Like the first dumb, automatic response is for people to turn around and look at you. Once I went to the bank before it opened and there was a line already, I knew what was gonna happen as I walked up. Yup, every single one of them had to see who it was. So I said, let's storm the castle guys. It put me at ease, made a few people smile. But jeez, its weird. Whats the see? Its like boredom in brains makes people nosy. So at the checkout the other day, a couple was in front of me. Woman was talking about returning a plant that may be dead. Didnt really catch all of it. Didnt care. But her dude turns around and has to look see who's behind him. It was like he was embarrassed or maybe acting like her bodyguard, or something? Then he starts walking back and forth in front of me. Why the fuck are you there dimbledumb? Don't you have other shit to do? Then, this is the part where people start doing the dumbest most superficial nonsense ever. He starts looking at his finger. For a cut or some shit. Come on! People do phony, trivial shit when they think they're being watched. They dont behave the way they would if they think they aren't being watched. Why are people so fucking weird!