There i was sitting on the max just going home from work.
A family of three sits behind me coming from an event at the Moda Center.
The teen of the group starts getting hyper and grabbing the handle behind my seat essentially continually bumping me.
I say, "please don't touch me" to the teen.
Immediately the female starts barking. I didn't hear much except, "he didn't touch you."
I'm thinking how do you know.
She's still barking. Then the male looks at me, and says "don't talk to my kid that way."
I blurt out "trash" and just look out the window.
She's still barking, on and on. I'm just thinking what classless and disrespectful times we live in.
I dont expect an apology for the touching but I have seen other parents just say sorry for something the kid is doing that is bothering someone they don't know.
I'd never expect an apology from them. And forget about any discipline from them. Discipline in a sense of an "educational moment."
So they leave as shes still barking and goes by me outside the window with her angry, middle finger proudly showcased.