I am sitting at the back of the bus. A male boards and immediately starts walking right at me. He's professing something I can't hear because of music in my ears. I do hear, "what? Am I gonna have to beat your ass." He walks away kicking my shoe.
I'm like WTF. Time goes by, he's still upset. He's a few seats in front of me. Hes saying something I dont know anymore.
So as I get up to leave, I regretfully say, "whats your deal." Then he grabs the bag from my shoulder as it goes flying from the 2nd deck of the bus. I get pushed down the stairs. Theres three other passengers who don't do shit but sit there. I walk to the bus driver saying, call the cops. She has a disgusted look to her face and gesture. He then walks up to the front saying, "what, you gonna call the cops for." He puffs up his chest like you know how King Kong would do. I just turn around, put my head down. All in front of the driver who isn't doing shit. He walks away, and gets offq. I start discussing what good would calling the cops do. I don't want any retaliation as I'm now in front of my house. I say to the other rider at the back of the bus, "you saw that right." He proceeds to explain the story of how this guy thinks he owns the back row. This guy did this to him and his brothers once, and spat on them.
Why didn't you say something. Cops eventually came but nothing came from it as even the cop had a commonplace, burdened attitude to him. The indifference and keep to yourself, and say nothing society we live in.