I recently learned what gaslighting is because of a relationship. Clueless to it all before, wow, it is wickedly crippling if you're under it. Why would people wanna do that to someone else? It's not excusable if it's unintended, but it's even more evil when someone is knowingly gaslighting, I think. Then I started to recognize it everywhere in everyday conversations with anyone, friends and even at work. I guess its basic definition is a form of manipulation causing a person to question their sanity. I think at another level, it's just mental abuse. It's constant belittling, ridiculing, and put downs. Always trying to make someone feel bad for what they're doing, saying, or choosing. When I was going through it, I was so distraught and devastated into "depression." But I didn't know, not a clue. Scenarios would get spun around on me which all came out of a black hole. Like, "I've heard from three people checking on me, and I'll say I'm surprised I never heard from you, most of all," after this person had to say goodbye to their pet. When earlier this person would tell me things like they really need their space when they're emotional. So i gave space but I'm not being caring by not checking in. Some other simple sayings I've noticed are "that's pathetic or ridiculous." The worst one I got when I started noticing it was, "what the fuck is wrong with you, or what the fuck are you on" when I started to fight back.
Please don't mess with people's psyche. It's really crushing. It's so emotionally and mentally abusive.
Be kind to each other. Positive Vibrations.