After the (first) Civil War, most states scrambled for ways to continue oppressing Black, brown, and indigenous people. Until federal protections were put in place, each state got to devise its own devious methods for keeping the Other down.

Those federal protections have proven toothless, as Republicans roll back rights for voters, immigrants, workers, LGBTQ+ folks, the poor, the disabled, and anyone who doesn't cow to the white male, "Christian," bourgeois capitalist, police-state, heteronormative monoculture.

Today, women are returned to under the thumb of "States Rights" fascism β€” the constant wet dream of the GOP and protofascist judges.

So the call to return America to those "good old days" has been answered. With decades of darkness ahead, will the performative "New Seasons liberals" finally rise up in defense of social justice. Computer sez "nah."