This is why the max sucks. Some will claim its better because its a controlled number of stops rather than the buses many random or altered stops. I want to agree.
But more often than not, the max has technical issues and you cannot get off. You're fucking stuck and trapped. You are stuck on it and delayed quite often. Then you have disruptive passengers where security needs to intervene. This not only delays the train the disruptive person is on, but every other train behind it. All because of one single person. Delayed as little as 10 min if youre lucky.
And if youre like me why I'm writing this is because I had the option to catch another route home which at the time logistically wasn't as great as well as I thought the max would be faster. Well fuck me. Because of this person ill get home later as I made the wrong decision. And you know what else, my ice cream is now melted because of some needy pathetic wastiod. Laugh all you want. Its funny, but its not. Its all about decisions too. Follow your instinct, follow your heart. Use logic and reason. But in the end, its all luck.