I LIKE it!
perhaps the
Womenfolk might
wanna cut the menfolk
off for a bit -- not like Lorena B.
but like 'Do NOT touch Me again.'

& END Stockholm
Syndrome NOW.


Americans don't understand that this is what needs to be done. Americans believe its everyone for themselves. They don't understand the power they have. They are scared and stupid and will never do what needs to be done to put a stop to this. If Americans had it in them it would have happened already. Now it's too late.


The comparison of abortion to homosexual rights is hilarious.
You get an abortion, we got AIDS.
All women support the LGBTQIA community, right???
But yeah, you’re still right.
Call it out. Everyone!


@4 It won't be hilarious when the Supreme Court overturns the right of same sex marriage, goes after gay people who have adopted children, and makes certain that LGBQT people have no rights whatsoever because the theocracy being put in place believes they are an abomination.

Roe v. Wade guaranteed a right to privacy that extended to all people, not just women. That right has been revoked and it will affect everyone, even you.

Oh and there's this as an aside since you brought it up:
HIV is a sexually transmitted disease that is 100% preventable.
Pregnancy is not even remotely 100% preventable.

All gay men support women, right??? Please excuse me while I roll my eyes into the back of my head.

Men benefit from abortion just as much as women do. Men are the cause of all pregnancy. And when the court overturns the right to access contraception, then men will be really fucked, because they will get more women pregnant.

Women are going to die because abortions happen in so many scenarios where otherwise a woman would die. And all of the girls and women forced to give birth (no matter by whom or by what means) will risk losing their lives from giving birth.

Men are going to be responsible for paying for these pregnancies and paying for the needs of these children. More than half the population are girls and women. They will be forced to give birth to every fertilized zygote whenever a man bust a nut. There will be a devastating loss to the workforce and men will have to work harder and longer and until death just to make sure all of the children they created that women were forced to give birth to live and thrive and survive until they can become either workers or incubators.

There are either human rights or there are no human rights. There is no parsing these rights out to certain people while denying them to others. Believing that to be true is what got us here in the first place. This country is not even remotely prepared for what is going to happen as a result of this obscene decision.

Laugh it up asshole. Your dehumanization is next.


so fucking well said
xina thank you


'Laugh it up asshole.
Your dehumanization is next.'

even tho their Jackboots
are So Shiny that don't
make 'em Gay

perhaps their self-Hatred
Will soon be Unleashed
heads Up Helios


“HIV is a sexually transmitted disease that is 100% preventable.
Pregnancy is not even remotely 100% preventable”

This makes 100% sense.


@8 it does make 100% sense. We're discussing the reality of people having sex. HIV is 100% preventable. Pregnancy is not. There is no such thing as abstinence in a country whose culture allows for the rape of children and women. Pregnancies and the transmission of HIV to girls and women who are raped may be small percentages (compared to, what exactly?), but they exist.


I would personally like to thank Jill Stein and everyone else on the far left who downplayed the threat of foreign interference while demonizing Hillary Clinton the woman who could have actually been our first woman president.

For all you whiney Bernie or Bust Advocates, congrats! This is what bust looks like.


10 - I would never vote for a war criminal piece of shit like Clinton or a Wall Street whore and racist like Biden. Don't like it? GFY.


Corporate Dems
are "Republican'
lite and feckless
for the Citizenry
to boot

Hubby Bill sold us out
for eight years tho
Raygun was way
Worse it don't
make him
a Saint

get Rid of Money
= Free Speech

or better yet Incorporate
and buy enough of the
Right Politicians to
take the Citizenry
into the Equation
right where we
Truly Belong

oh and Asking these Guys?
they'e just gonna say NO
so, why even bother
to fucking Ask?


Thank you Christina Rae! Spot on.

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