I too was outraged by the Supreme Court’s ruling. I live in Hollywood District and watched your group walk past my apartment. I bank at Bank of America. Can you please help me connect the dots between smashing the Banks ATM’s and the overturning of Roe? From what I’ve read, the Bank was quick to offer financial travel assistance to employees living in states with an abortion ban, and got into trouble with the right a couple years ago for donating to Planned Parenthood. So…? Maybe just an easy “Corporate America” target? Protesting in Portland Oregon, the most pro choice cities in the country, is like preaching to the choir. The real problem is, with your actions, you are pissing off the wrong people. If you really want to make a difference, travel to Tuscaloosa or Tulsa and march around their streets. That would show some real courage instead of hiding behind your black costumes in one of the most liberal of cities. I could say “grow up” and “get a life” but don’t want to upset your fragile, spoiled brat egos.