At the radical queer and silent disco events yesterday at Laurelhurst, I saw many black-clad, masked folks patrolling the area, mingling, etc. My impression is that they were there to ensure the safety and well-being of event participants from any potential anti-queer, fascist "show of force." Not being totally in the know, if my perception is wrong, I'm sorry.

However, here's my general take on anti-fascist, BLM, Black Panther, Radical Fairy, militant dyke, anarchist, elder hippie, groups, etc — what they stand for a what they do (yes, including smashing windows):

Social order in the U.S. is in collapse, under the weight of emboldened white racist groups, neo-nazis, paramilitarized police (redundant?), voter suppression, a radicalized judiciary, and multiple states, school boards, city councils, etc. actively attacking and prosecuting against women, queers, the poor, and Black and brown people.

The police, corporations, property owners, most politicians, government, and the courts are firmly on the side of repression and right-wing extremism. "Law-abiding," polite, white liberals who tsk-tsk about radical, even anarchic action sit at the table if the oppressors and can suck my balls or clit.

The battle for the lives and well-being of non-collaborators is upon us, and it won't be resolved through "COEXIST" bumper stickers, but rather through radical, even less-than-peaceful activism. Those of us who remember what "counter culture" really meant/means may not always shrivel and cringe when things get radical and messy.

But I'm just an aging queer, pro-labor, feminist socialist. What do I know? Wish *I* had some slimming black to wear.