You always post photos of your amazing journeys. Your climbs around the world. Your innumerable degreed skills. Your ability to get the surgeries you need to be the person you want to be. And you're an "inspiration."
Except for the one big thing. The WHY in the HOW do you afford your lifestyle? Well, your mom got super drunk a few years ago and told me. Irrefutably showed me everything.
Your life is funded by blood. All your fun degrees and body mods are funded by straight up nazi money. And you KNEW. This whole time you knew, acted, and pretended to be a successful so-and-so at whatever you tried your filthy paws at.
And you're loved, gorgeous, and successful. Because of your NAZI BLOOD MONEY.
Don't worry, nobody will know it's you. I hope this makes it past the editor here. I'll never expose you but KNOW THAT I KNOW.