This just makes us all look incredibly stupid and out of touch.

How long are we supposed to keep pretending like we don't know about the Portland Police Bureau's connections and collaborations with extremist insurrectionist terrorist organizations like the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys?

There have been countless new stories detailing the overlap and how Portland was a functional training ground for the planning and preparation of January 6th, there has been additional documentation shared with the public and members of the media.

We get it Police are heroes and should be worshipped blah blah blah... but don't we have a right to know which ones collaborated with actual terrorists' organizations and kick them out. Yes, there is procedures and the rule of law, that's what we are asking for.

If these officers were collaborating with other protestors to the same degree do you really think they'd be receiving the same type of protection from accountability?

Come on, this has been going on in public for years.

Would distributing some little blue pills to the right people help get the job over and done with already?

If something doesn't happen soon, the problem is just going to get messier...