I remember hearing a song with this title by Mary Lou Lord 20 years ago. I love the song and still hear it now and again. I love her and saw her once here in Portland 15 years ago at Berbatis. I gave her a write up in the paper I saw. She said, "oh great." I bought this coworker a drink once because he saw me drinking one, and said he likes that, so I bought him one. The same thing happened with another drink. So I bought him that one too. Sharing is caring. Food and drink bring people together. Now everything I drink, he says he likes it, but I'm not buying him anything anymore. I always see him by the table where we bring snacks to share munching his face off. He never brings anything. He never contributes. He leaves food crumbs on the table and ground all the time. He told me the other day of a show he's going to see. I said, well, "if I was free I'd get a drink with you beforehand, don't know if you like to get drinks before shows or not." The drink earlier was just soda by the way. This time Im talking drinks that get us buzzed. He said in response, "I would but I dont have money." Well, I wasn't going with you anyway remember because I can't, I was thinking. The day after said show he told me how the only thing that sucked was 10 dollar beers. Later I thought, wait, he said he didn't have any money. I get it. I see now.