I'm not going down this road. I already have one "friend" I buy everything for whenever we're together because he's in need, and couldn't afford it otherwise. I dont need another person in my life I buy stuff for them all the time whenever I'm with them. Sharing is caring. I believe it. It's my fault. I'm a giver. Some people are just takers and leeches. I get it, you're young but grow up. I was eating a snack today to which he said, "what is that, can I have some?" I gave him some. The taste isn't for everyone but the face he made after eating a little was like someone eating something bitter or sour and that bitter and sour face people make. I was turned off. I said I made that just to fuck with him. I had a bagel too, to which he said but I'll eat that. I said, are you trying to eat all my food. He brings nothing to the table. And I will offer no more. Sharing is caring, but give back some too, just a little. A bagel is like 4 bucks, but if you buy bulk... And don't tell me you don't have money because you just got done telling me you're going to buy all new hiking gear to start hiking. Dude, thats an expensive hobby. So yea, I'm done giving you anything.