Nobody likes a snitch. But sometimes some people do need a good snitching but not for this scenario. I look back at this particular moment with a young, sneaky, and lazy coworker. Theres more to that but not the point. I see it so clearly now in hindsight what he was trying to do. Company policy, headphones in one ear only while working. Understood. At this moment in time, I had both in at a very low volume to where I could hear everything, and have conversations. See some people don't know that. I was still breaking company policy, but nonetheless. Me, this coworker, and warehouse manager were all standing around and meeting. This coworker points at my headphones and said something I gathered as he was inquiring about the brand. He said, "Panasonic" and pointed at his, "just like mine." It was so off topic and I didn't understand what he was aiming at, and our headphones weren't even the same. Who talks about headphone brands? I didn't get it then. After he was fired, I got it. He was trying to rat me out in front of the manager. He was purely trying to point out how i had two earbuds in and was breaking company policy. I'm sorry he got fired and I do hope he found another job to take care of his two kids at 26.