We say this because we love you. Girl, get it together. You are such a beautiful city with such great potential. It saddens us to see you miss out on so many golden opportunities because of fear and anxieties. We're not saying those fears and anxieties aren't valid. We're scared too. But if they are things that stop you from living your life and connecting with who you want to connect with, then they need to be addressed head on. I'll be the first to admit we've given you our own mixed signals about what we've wanted to happen, and we've most definitely told you to slow your horses at times, but we didn't expect you to just completely ignore your constituencies and shut us out completely. Let's work through this. We're not expecting a fairy tale here, but that doesn't mean we can't build something meaningful and memorable together with whatever time we have. Let's start a new dialogue together. It looks like you could use some new pen pals anyways.