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I would absolutely prefer my taxes go to harm reduction and something like this, instead of the bloated military budget.


The only way to end homelessness is to provide housing. Period, full stop. The cities in this country that have successfully managed to eradicate homelessness have done so by providing housing. Once people are housed, the second step is to provide services needed, whatever they may be depending on the individual. Many people, once they have a place to live and receive services they need, are able to become stable, employed, and move on to support themselves. Those that are not still need to be housed and cared for to the best of our ability.

This country has more than enough money to end world hunger and homelessness and so many other things. We simply choose not to and we allow corporations and the wealthy to hoard obscene amounts of wealth (while never paying taxes). We let white male wealth hoarders refuse to pay their employees living wages and build space ships so they can pretend they are astronauts and spend $44 BILLION on things like twitter.

We have chosen to allow all that is wrong with this society. We have chosen it willingly and knowingly. We don't care. And that's really what it is. We just don't care. And as everything gets worse and worse we have no one to blame but ourselves. But hey, someone will win Mega Millions, amiright? /s


Free. Nothing is free. Somebody works and pays to give people "free stuff". I have no trouble helping the truly needy but if you can get off your ass and go to work , you should.


40% of people who are homeless are employed. 33% of people who are homeless are families (that means children, should they get off their asses and work, too?).

This country does not have ONE STATE where someone earning minimum wage can afford a 1BR apartment - and 33% of people working in this country make less than $15 an hour (federal minimum wage is still $7.25 an hour and tipped workers in most states make $2.13 an hour), but let's keep pretending that there the problem of hundreds of thousands of homeless people in this country is about people not wanting to work.

And now this country is going to force every girl and woman who gets pregnant to stay pregnant and give birth. While we have tens of thousands of children who are hungry and homeless, tens of thousands of children in the foster care system already (adoption is an alternative to choosing whether or not to parent, not a an alternative to choosing whether or not to remain pregnant). Why haven't all of the pro-life people in this country adopted all of the children in foster care?

We are looking at a scenario right now (as eviction protections put in place due to COVID expire) where homelessness is going to EXPLODE to the point where there will most likely be more homeless people than people who have a stable, reliable place to live. We are looking at a scenario where there are going to be hundreds of thousands of people forced to give birth to children they never wanted and are unable to take care of, while our society does nothing to care for the people who already exist in this country that need help.

The ONLY way to end homelessness is to provide housing. It has been proven over and over and over and over and we still blame people for being homeless and do nothing to help them. We ignore them, we vilify them, we dehumanize them, and we allow them to live on the streets and die like we the United States of America is an uncivilized, non-industrial, third world country with no resources. It's fucking obscene.

It will never end and it will never get better. It's about to get a fuck ton worse than it is now. And we have CHOSEN to allow it to be this way. If it were not acceptable to the people in this in country, it would not be.


Im with you on the abortion issue. I don't disagree about the housing, just stop calling it free stuff. Stuff is not free.


Where do I say that it's free? I don't use the word free. You keep using it, though. Providing what needs to be provided to the people in this society is not about free, it is about what is needed, however it needs to be provided, to the benefit of society as a whole.

We as a society collect taxes and use those taxes for the benefit of society. That could and should include housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, providing mental and physical health care along with everything else we need to have for a fully functioning, healthy, and egalitarian society.

We have billionaires who don't pay taxes. We spend TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of dollars on funding our military industrial complex and our nationwide law enforcement (violent arms of maintaining white supremacy and white supremacist terrorism worldwide and nationwide).

If we weren't constantly giving corporations welfare to the tune of trillions of dollars, tax cuts to the wealthy that have bloated the deficit to the tune of trillions and relentlessly allowing the destruction of almost everything and everyone in the name of corporate profit and obscene wealth of the very few, our society would have the revenue required to run properly. We would not have the problems we have. Homelessness (as every other problem in this country) is a class problem created by the laws and policies that benefit the very few to the detriment of society as a whole.

A handful of people should not be allowed to hoard wealth to the detriment of everyone else. To put in terms other have numerous times - if an animal hoarded food and let every other animal of its kind starve to death, we would kill that animal because it is our belief that an animal that behaves that way is sick and unfit to live.

The only thing this country cares about is money. Everyone and everything else is expendable and will be until the final day - when everyone and everything has been destroyed and there is nothing left. And all of that wealth and power hoarded by the few will be just as dead and gone as everything else. There is literally nothing more stupid and short-sighted.



Thank you!


Taxes come from people who work. The money does not come out of thin air. There is no free stuff. While I agree humanity is sort sighted and stupid, there is just no such thing as free stuff.



Wasn’t me!


@9 I am doing no such thing (advocating the murder of other humans and taking their stuff). I am all for intelligent discourse. You simply want to be right. Yes, in a society created for the benefit of all people pay taxes. Except in our society people who are billionaires don't and corporations, claimed to be people by the compromised, corrupt, and criminal SCOTUS, also don't pay taxes. Insisting these entities pay their fair share of taxes is in no way advocating for the murder of human beings and taking their stuff. The example of hoarding was provided as an example of how sick and wrong it is (the hoarding of wealth). I am not advocating for the murder of those who hoard wealth. I am advocating for them to pay taxes to pay for a fully functional and well cared for society.

I'm done with you.


Oil companies have made the biggest quarterly profits in eight years, and yet gas prices continue to rise. Price gouging by corporations that pay the lowest corporate tax rates and receive the largest amount of subsidies (or welfare) while destroying the country and the world.

This is just one example of how completely fucked up our society is as congress refuses to raise the minimum wage to $15 (which doesn't even come to $30K a year), billionaires and corporations get shitloads of free money, and the average person in this country can't afford to put gas in their car to get to and from their job.

You want to talk about free? You want to talk about murdering people? Why the fuck are these corporations allowed to rob the working class of every last cent they can get from them and be allowed to pay next to nothing (percentage wise) in taxes to the society that they have a total and complete choke hold on? We have ONE senator in congress (a so-called Democrat) from WEST VIRGINIA no less, who has been allowed to hamstring the entire agenda of the Biden administration because he wants to make sure coal and the fossil fuel industry are kept fed. And that's because every single Republican in congress votes against everything. Why should ONE person in congress have so much power and destroy the lives of nearly every single person living in this country so that wealthy corporations can continue to make as much money as possible while they deliberately and gleefully destroy the planet? Fossil fuel pollution kills about 7 million people a year. This is one industry, one example, one horrific statistic of the loss of life. ONE.

Why would you or anyone at all defend this as reasonable?


Kinda sucks when people quote you. but I dont think you would actually do it, but I dont know you.

Sorry 10. I confused you with someone else. My apologies.

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