With all the tectonic changes Portland's gone through in the last couple of decades, I love that our city has retained it's generally funky, freakish, friendly vibe. In fact, I think I love Portland even more, now that it's openly struggling with the dysfunctional bullshit that was always just below the surface. No, this isn't a "my town's better than any other town" trope. It's just that Portland is authentically "home" to me many others who are just barely getting by — because I don't feel alone. Our city leaders suck balls and are too cozy with cops and developers. But we're gonna fix that, eventually, right? Meantime, big hugs to all the queers, tokers, street freaks, artists, dancers, prancers, workers and beserkers who help make Portland the authentic, slutty, messy, gorgeous city I'm in love with. Muah!