People know full well that their silence and inaction cause serious harm to others and maybe even death. They just don't care. The focus is on themselves and how they can maintain their own comfort and/or notoriety.

People will die from inaction. There is only so much you can ask people to experience without any type of meaningful support. It doesn't matter how close to the perceived finish line things are, when there are no resources or support to continue, then things grind to a halt and people die.

We've asked too much of certain individuals, it's completely understandable if they are prepared to end this charade to find some peace and rest however that needs to happen.


Did you forget something? The entirety of Christendom is founded on the fact that people are more than willing to let someone else die rather than risk personal discomfort or challenge their community to meet their own standards. The truth is we aren't any better than this, this is who we are.

It's always someone else's responsibility. People are satisfied with their performances and indulgences. Sure, they may grieve after the fact, but don't expect any meaningful change from cowards and those complicit. If people ever learn, it's not by the hard way, it's only through the tragic way.

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