Cops have never done their jobs. Now they're just being petulant children and making of a scene of it. Packing their budgets full of cash won't make them do their jobs. The Portland Police Bureau has been repeatedly investigated and put under a regime of required changes by the United States' Department of Justice. They have never changed. They won't. They will behave as they always have, whether they are funded or not. Fuck them. Bleed them dry of all of their funding. There was a time when this country did not negotiate with terrorists.


Get their budgets back? PPB's budget is bigger than ever. It never went away. Only the rightwing press said they were 'defunded'. Don't let propaganda make you think lies are truths.


Cop's are not automatons. They are living breathing people who make mistakes and react to trauma as much as you and I. Currently there is this thing called a heat wave where many non-office functions have slowed down in and outside government.

If you are alleging a conspiratorial illegal slowdown, that's something that would need to be supported by documentation of some sort before any action or official response could be tendered.


@3 - there was no heatwave for the last 2 years, what's the excuse for their lack of response for all that time?
(frankly, my first experience with PPB was over 30 years, and they weren't doing their job then either)


Yeah... so they are on a slowdown and on strike... but they've always been like this. Can you understand how someone might experience cognitive dissonance from those statements?

Listen, I think there are more than enough legitimate and documented issues with the PPB that we don't have to imaginatively speculate what else might be going on.

I think we should do our best to triage and lower our functional expectations for the PPB. Right now, I'd settle for them not repeatedly and openly broadcasting their breaking of local and federal laws.


AtoZ, you realize people can have differing opinions, right? Conflating two different comments doesn't make you look clever.
It's not cognitive dissonance, it's simply your own lack of understanding.

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