*forestall. Put the 'e' in it, don't capitalize it.

Pointing this out since your message claims that you know how everything should work. Cool. Keep in mind you don't know how to use or spell the fancy word you tried, and not even the basic compound word.

Start with your own foibles. Question why you think something is right. It's easy to point out what is wrong, and everyone thinks they know what is right, but few actually do. The only way to get to the understanding of what is actually true or right, is to remove these foibles from yourself first. If you're making errors in your complaints, you'll make errors in your fixes too. This is universal. This is how it works.


Oh stfu Pollenta. Get out of here with your holier than thou post attacking the OP (who can't defend themselves by nature of an anonymous post). They misspelled a word? Oh, no! God forbid! You state it's easy to point out what is wrong? Maybe look at yourself and your own childish retoric doing exactly that. Ya fool.


You want all the solves and all the answers without having the knowledge required to find a solve or an answer. Don't be angry at me, be angry at yourself for not paying attention to what goes on around you, what you are told and what you see.


Q. does 'solve(s)'
equal Solutions?

asking for a fiend!


Today's homeless crisis is intentional. The ruling class prepare for war by making enemies between various classes within nations. The destitute poor become targets for working class racists and smug, self-righteous bigots. Intolerance between races, religions, cultures, age groups and the Left/Right political divide is worsened in preparation for war as a means of culling an over-populated human herd to exterminate "undesirables" and heralded as patriotism.
The best thing Mr Ted Wheeler could do for Portland is resign.


Isn't it spelled "polenta"?


These posts 100% prove the point I was making.

Thank you, all.

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