Considering you lied to me throughout our 2.5 year relationship, there are SO many questions I could ask. So many unknowns due to your cowardess and scorpio sneak. But of all the questions I could ask, here's the one that just really baffles me: Do you even brush, bro?! Two and a half years with standing weekly overnights and trips away and I never once saw evidence of tooth brushing. I'd announce before bed, "I'm going to go brush my teeth" and wonder if this was the day I saw evidence of normal, freaking, adult hygienic habit. Your oral hygiene is deteriorating. You have missing teeth and teeth rotting out. Love makes us do some really strange things and overlooking this was one of them on my end, but how, just how do you overlook the nasty taste in your own mouth? Smoking a morning and a bedtime joint is not a replacement for brushing ones chompers! I guess you're just physically living out that dirty, lying mouth of yours. Nasty. Just nasty.