It was a hot ass day for a bike ride and I obviously didn’t drink enough water. I did eat a bunch of cashews so I had strength but about 10 miles out, I felt a little uh oh moment. “Gotta go and go right now” is what my belly said. The only thing I could find was an open house in a fancy part of town. I put the bike in the sun room, donned some slippers, and greeted the realtor while clenching in with all my might. I told realtor we loved a few blocks over and this would be a perfect upgrade for us. I then removed my helmet and asked to use a bathroom to wash my hands. After the bathroom door was closed, I unleashed about a quart of my own “pesto” and in horror noticed no available TP. Hand towel it was that I set into shower and briskly booked out into the day. Thank you realtor collecting 6% on a 900,000 bungalow! Sorry about the mess!