The fundamental problem with the police (and I'm speaking to the murders and abuse of power here) is that their entire function of their job is to uphold the rule of law, but they insist that nothing applies to them or those they ally themselves with. It's not unreasonable for the public to expect them to follow their own policies let alone the law they wish to hold us accountable for. That's the inherit crux of our whole position, anything less than that meets the definition of corruption. Racism and Racial biases are forms of police corruption. And so is a Cop lying on affidavits and official reports. So is "supervisors" ignoring their responsibilities to hold their staff accountable. It all comes back to "do you really believe what you are saying you believe in" or are you just bullshitting to make some money, flex some muscles, or have an excuse to hurt other people. I get it, we've been in situations where we didn't want to speak up about our colleagues' indiscretions, people understand that, but people's lives and liberties weren't in our hands either and when we data and witnesses and video tape, and we can all clearly see what happen, but you and your union continue to "hold the line" it just makes you all look corrupt, out-of-touch, and nothing short of delusional. Bodycams can't happen quick enough. I'm so sick of our super corrupt police force. All they are is the top gang in Portland, and we need to move on to addressing the rest of the corrupt lot quickly.