I've been doing my best to save money. I sold my car with the plan to start biking to work instead. So of course, after the first day, I realize it's all too sweaty for me and need to add a TriMet component the commute as well. One thing people don't realize is that those bike racks on the front of buses can be confusing the first couple times you use them. I just want to give a shout out to the nice fellow biker on the 12 earlier this week, who saw me struggling and then got off the bus to show me how to do it and help me. I really appreciated it that. I was so anxious about holding everyone up and getting yelled at by the bus driver for taking too long. When you came out and helped me, it really made my day, and helped renew my faith that there are some decent Portlanders out-there. I figured out that the 12 isn't the most effective commute route, so we probably won't see each other on there again, but I still wanted to reach out some way and let you know that your act of empathetic compassion and kindness to a sweaty stranger wasn't for nothing.