Hi Portland, Hope you are well. It's interesting to see how quickly they get scared and try to back out of the positions they've been digging into for years. I think it's from a total lack of self-awareness or introspection. I'm sure we can blame at least a little bit on our shallow social media culture which reinforces idol projection and actively penalizes deep thinking or reflection. Everyone is responsible for their own behavior, but we can also already look back and see many of the factors that pushed those without the benefits of a strong moral character into destructive situations. I think it's important for us to be compassionate and understand while still recognizing that an accurate accounting of reality is key to the healthy functioning of any person or group. I know there are alot of people waking up scared to what they may have enabled, supported, or participated in over these last —muffled— years, so please keep in mind that grounding and centering yourself on the objective experience and it's complete context is always helpful when trying to cope with big feelings or confusing crosstalk. For those of you who are scared, I'm not going to tell you not to be, but I hope you find the courage to embrace a truthful reality whatever that means. The sooner we recognize what really happened and how, the sooner we can earnestly start building better communities together.