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Counterpoint - This is how people have generally behaved for centuries we are just more able to notice and counter these behaviors thanks to the internet as a tool. The internet has democratized the ability to inform and disinform both ourselves and others. 20 years ago, it was a lot more difficult to track narratives and call people out on their bullshit. Now we can just scroll through their self-presented record and see how their statements and narratives self-aligned. This is a much bigger deal than people realize. Of course, this isn't always pretty, we're going through an awkward and emotional global adolescents in many senses. We are getting to know who we are and who we can become. The difficulty is this isn't an enjoyable process and many would prefer to look away and externalize issues rather than doing the work themselves. This has only amplified the level of schisms in individuals and society. Think of the ubiquity of hypocrisy we are seeing, this may stem not only from a lack of self-awareness, but a immature stubborn refusal to participate in self-awareness. People have bought into their immediate shallow presentation of self rather than even their own record. For example consider:

The police officer sworn to uphold the law yet routinely breaks policy and shuns accountability.
The writer who preaches high ethical standards yet broadcasts calls to abandon ethics when in difficult situations.
The political personality who calls for justice and accountability yet participates in criminal and fraudulent activity.
The civil rights activist who preaches calls for truth and freedom of speech yet takes action to limit the speech of those they disagree with or of different artistic taste.
The union official entrusted to fight for benefits for all workers, yet accepts consulting fees and bribes to steer and "advise" campaigns in certain directions.
The city employee entrusted to deal openly and fairly with all constituents yet takes measures to obscure and deceive the public about lobbying efforts conducted by those who could benefit their career or views.

I'm sure many other examples come to mind, that anyone is free to add. We could go on for days. The core message is that we all benefit from reviewing our records and reflecting on who we have been and where we want to go. Evolution and maturation can certainly happen but that still requires and accounting and acknowledgement of change otherwise it's performative and narcissistic pablum.


I actually chortled when I saw that "we must denounce extremism in all its forms" tweet by someone who has directly and indirectly aided extremist violence against portlanders, their homes and their businesses in Portland.

It's funny how they always say, "we must denounce extremism" but they never actually denounce it do they. It's not hard to say, political violence and vandalism have no place in improving the health of a democracy, but they'll never say it. Because of all their claims of "political strategery" all they are are lying thugs who's only skillsets is leveraging the threats of violence and intimidation against those who oppose their personal agendas.

I know we have to wait a bit until this stuff hits the surface, and that's painful, but at the same time it's hilarious to see Portland engage in either a completely blindness to the situation they are in or engage in stunning acrobatics to avoid hinting at the elephants in the room. We are all ready for a new set of political and civic leaders who understand the truth isn't something you need to fear to stand up and help push this forward.

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