Evening commute. Full bus. But do you move your backpack to open up the seat next to you? Even with people standing right there in the aisle? No, of course not. So I already don't like you. And then I see it. That stupid little patch that you've proudly affixed to that stupid little camo backpack of yours that is taking up that whole stupid seat. "FJB" it reads. Of. Fucking. Course. And of fucking course, what does it say below that? "Let's go Brandon!" I guess you think you're being pretty cute? I guess you think you're really owning the libs? Well *fuuuuuuck* you bro! Fuck you, and fuck your manspreading backpack, and fuck your boomer-ass fb memes, and fuck all the millions of other selfish, cowardly American pissants like you who think "FJB" is a clever troll. You are the fucking problem!!!! Next time at least be a fucking man and move your sack so other people can sit too. I may not like your type but I still would have made a seat for you if you had needed one. If your backpack caught fire though? Well I wouldn't even beat off dear Grandpa Joe to help gloosh it out.