You are a child. The cost to repair has nothing to do with your responsibility to repair the damage you caused. You fucked up. Own it. Pay for it in full. Learn from it.

Being a responsible grown-up involves doing the right thing even when it's painful, costly, inconvenient, or uncomfortable.


Putting diesel in gas engine makes you a dumb-ass. Suck it up.


Totally innocent mistake on your part. But it was also your mistake. Yeah, it would've worked out well if someone along the way had said "You know that takes diesel right?" But it's obvious enough and also not anyone elses responsibility to make sure you correctly put gas (and put the correct gas) in a vehicle. You did the right thing by apologizing and paying (and continuing to pay.) Sounds like you're almost out of the woods. Don't give up yet! You'll feel better when it's all said and done and you don't owe anybody anything. Let go of your resentment and don't try and avoid responsibility. A clear conscience and clear reputation are soon yours


Careful, suggesting the OP take personal responsibility for his/her actions is not how we do it in Portland. I'm sure TW would want to form a task force so we can get the OP the help he/needs.


"My friend
is super handy and
became a bottle neck in
many of the camp projects."

wait. what?
did you mean
they're a MacGyver?

bottle neck:
A hindrance to progress or production.

moving on:

"The gas cap cover had been painted from diesel-signaling green to matte black."

why on Earth
would someone
change cap color?

the Merc's Commentariat
may or may not be
sufficient here

I know:
Oh The

perhaps The Ethicist
over at the NYT might
help y'all clear this up:

Are You in a Moral Quandary?

to submit a query: send an email to; or send mail to The Ethicist, The New York Times Magazine, 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10018. (Include a daytime phone number.)

good Luck!
and keep us Posted?


oh --and Don'tchya have
Insurance that'll Cover
your Ass in these
types of Situ-

you know those Mega
Ins. Corps're just
Dying to


not to mention


comment counter's
Busted again


It sounds like you have shitty friends.


how bout since the fuel cap
was the incorrect color
the Owner take a
Hit too? I'd say
20-30 percent
or perhaps

but still

maybe we'll
All learn from this.



plus he should pay for the fuel since it was His kid you were schlepping and this being what sounds like a couple hundred miles or so (6 hour round trip) if he was gonna need Fuel HE
shouldda paid for it in advance and that wouldda been the Perfect time for him to 'remind' you to NOT put in gasoline.

pretty sure there are some
Shared Responsibilities

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