You know, I don't know why, but I've always been VERY comfortable in the street. Being in the street fills me with relaxation and the power it yields is indescribable. You might have seen me walking down the side of the street when there is a perfectly fine sidewalk mere feet away. Forcing you to drive around me is like wrapping me up in a soft, snuggly blankie. I love it. You might have also noticed me crossing the street at a snail's pace. Whether at an official crosswalk or jaywalking, I LOVE taking as much time as possible. I try to take the smallest of steps so that I can make the moment last as long as possible and I've even contemplated crawling on all fours, but that would be dumb. Whenever I have to wait at a busy intersection for the stupid light to turn green, I like standing in the street next to the curb. Being forced to slow down while you drive past me is a great feeling. Being in the street is just something that I really enjoy and wielding what little power it affords me is addictive. Next time you see me, wave hi! :)