the Terrorists'll
call ya a Protester
run you over and then
get Off for standing their Ground

in their three-ton anger
management machine.

I'm fond of those in dark clothes
walking with their backs to traffic
straddling the fog line whilst texting.

mind those


they need an App
that shows the
Real World in
a Little Win-
dow and
one that
tells you
when to


Or somebody might run you over. One of those if you win, you lose. Be careful out there!


This me others might have seen is awesome. At stoplight intersections with no cars close enough to prevent an able-bodied person to quickly cross, why wait? Why not cross casually as a signal to distant motorists approaching that their intention to speed up to beat the signal is dangerous? For the maniacal motorists out there who actually believe self-driving car tech is the future, stuff this in your pipe and smoke it: First of all, it's not gonna happen. It's BS. But, any piece of shit car on the road today could have a device installed that would restrict speed to posted speed limits. We could drive slower than the posted speed limit, but not faster. The actually safe speed through a busy stoplight intersection is about 5mph less than the posted speed limit. Rolling polished pile of shit cars would fucking slow down whether the idiot behind the steering wheel likes it or not.


I sense a Darwin award in your future. Treat your life with whatever respect you think it deserves.


"Why not cross casually as a signal to distant motorists approaching that their intention to speed up to beat the signal is dangerous?"

Brilliant. let's play
Challenge the

gonna wear
& a hel-

get it on the Vid
if ya wanna get
the Award you-
'll be So Fa-


One reason to NOT jaywalk is that it can give others a sense of security to jaywalk without caution. It's kind of like driving a bit too fast and drivers behind follow at the same speed. This is how multi-car pileups happen on freeways. The lead driver draws a wake of idiot drivers tailgating into terrible crashes. Autonomous Vehicle tech could prevent tailgating but it's presented to idiot motorists (and department of highway robbery shitheads) as a means to tailgate to accommodate more cars on the road rather than less. ODOT director Strickler should face criminal charges that clearly indicate he has no concern for public safety. Also rap sucks.

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