I, Anonymous Sep 16, 2022 at 5:25 pm



MEGA Corps llc
buy 'our' Lawmakers
writing Laws in THEIR Favor.

the citizenry's
just gotta Bend
Over and fucking
Take it. oh you can
Complain bitch and
Moan but that'll just
be added to your Per-
manent Record. for Life.

they've got US
over the Pro-
verbial Bar-

and they're
just getting
Warmed Up.


Ive stopped shopping at FM. Cant change the world, just my corner.


I bought a flip phone
from 'Uncle Freddy's'

& when I tried to call
ATT to set up the
phone the Fawk-
ers re-fused take
my call and Fred
Meyer refused
to Refund it.

they said
it was Their
Policy and the
gal pointed to an
8 1/2 x 11 amongst
all the other crap they
put around the register
or whatever it is -- nothing
you'd Notice unless you were
Sherlock fucking Holmes and said
we don't take them back. I thought
well FUCK YOU FREDDY's. it sure as FUCK

Ain't. fucking. Costco.

buy your Electronics

Fred fucking Meyer.
unless you Don't
Mind getting
Ripped Off.

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