Sure, just because they have may inroads against those some view as their tribal enemies, everyone wants to celebrate the FBI and the DOJ. And while some specific actions against the Trump/Pence crime family may be meritous, but it still comes up remarkably short against past failures to pursue and fulfill the promise of justice in our community. For how many years did the FBI/DOJ/PPB allow, and at times even actively encourage, out-of-state interlopers to repeatedly and routinely come down from Vancouver, crossing statelines with weapons with the organized intent to attack and intimidate Portlanders. What Justice have we seen from those actions? This is the same FBI that was caught infiltrating Portland political organizations. This are the same feds that were caught spying on journalist covering social justice issues in Portland. This is the same FBI that has seized local candidates phones. This is the same FBI that failed to act on intel to prevent 1/6. And that's just the squeemish stuff we know about, who knows what else they've been successfully able to keep out of the public sphere.