It's obvious isn't. He has no power or control over anything, including his own supporters. He is the perennial victim subject to the harsh whims and cruelties of others. In situations where a real mean would assert his power over those who claim to follow him and direct them with clarity and forceful speech, Trump is left whimpering and constanty begging for acknowledgement and support from any one who will give him any sort of attention. While I won't kink shame, I invite others to imagine how difficult and frustrating it must be to take performance pill after performance pill and still fail to even come close to satisfying anyone on any level. Add to that the fact that no self-respecting person will come near him, let alone admit to ever being in the same room as him. These days his tiny hands can't reach where they used to and even if he could he lacks the necessary vigor to perform even for himself. What a sad pathetic shell of a man.