I spoke recently with an employee of an Eastside adult shop who'd just been assaulted and threatened by a customer. They were obviously rattled and frightened and admitted that calling the Portland cops in such events typically results in zero response. In most such events, they're left having to fend for themselves, even after calling 911. There's a vast and growing number of Portland workers who face such dangers daily, along with the financial trauma of low wages and inadequate (or no) healthcare coverage. Whether they are sex workers, bus drivers, or employees of adult stores, grocery chains, care centers, or delivery companies, etc., ALL those who work for hourly wages (or often management controlled tips) β€” while company owners buy Palm Springs or oceanfront vacation homes β€” deserve our respect and support. Sex work and unbenefitted wage work are often perilously close to poverty, homelessness, and physical harm. When we speak about social and racial justice and equity, the rights and needs of workers are too often ignored or drowned out by the cries of business owners and right-wing extremists (who, coincidentally, are often regular patrons of sex workers and adult shops).