We are all human and we each have our weaknesses. We've all fucked-up at somepoint in our life. We've all had our hearts broken, we've all broken someone's heart. We know what it feels like to have the world ripped out from under us. We've all been fooled by someone at one-point or another. We've done stupid things for stupid reasons. We know how sad and scary and frightening it can be to realize the world does not work the way you thought it did. We have the ability to empathize. We know what it feels like to be pointed and laughed at. We know what it feels like to be kicked when we are already down. We know what it's like to need help and only find derision. We know what it's like to feel ashamed and embarassed. We know about the sociological and psychological influences that affect an individual's and group's behavior. Please keep these things in mind as we engage a healing process. When you break a leg and put the cast on, yes that is something worthy of celebration, but it's still important to be mindful that there is much healing and therapy that needs to happen before you are dancing the charleston again. A lot of people are hurting and scared and heartbroken. Do your level best to keep it tasteful and classy.