I just wanted to thank you for putting that corn out front of my place (and my neighbor’s) for the squirrels. It was incredibly thoughtful of you. I know, that wasn’t your intention though. You thought you were being all passive aggressive and *hehehe*. I could care less if anyone wants to feed the squirrels, park behind their garage, if there is dogs barking or whatever other crap everyone is constantly complaining about. I just don’t care about that sort of stuff. I was asked by 2 neighbors to not feed the squirrels. I stopped. Sometimes just letting things go is a better way to live. Instead of being someone out getting caught on another neighbor’s Ring camera doing something immature that makes you the problem and not the neighbor who complained about the squirrels being fed. What do I know though. I’m just sitting here watching two cute squirrels chase one another up a tree. They look well fed and pretty damn happy. I’m pretty damn happy too.